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This is an eco-friendly plant incinerating collected and transported domestic waste completely in the incineratior at
high temperature of 850℃ or more, removing pollutant safely with an advanced preventive equipment, supplying warm water and
electricity to the district by utilizing the steam produced in the waste heat boiler as alternative energy.
process: Carry-in→incinerator→Waste heating boiler
→Cooling tower→BF→SCR→Stack
process: food waste receiving→hopper→dehydrator
→dryer→vibrating screen→product
process: Carry-in→incinerator→SNCR
→Waste heating boiler→SDR→DBF→Stack
The complete combustion is possible by means of fluid heating medium and the incinerated residue is discharged in
a dry state. Additionally the waste of low calorific value would easily be incinerated. Furthermore the advantages of this plant
above are the easy stopping of the operation in a short period of time and the high combustion efficiency.
process: Carry-in→incinerator→Waste heating boiler
Cooling tower→BF→SCR→Stack
process: Carry-in→incinerator→Waste heating boiler
→Cooling tower→BF→SCR→Stack
Waste is pyrolyzed by fluidized heating medium, and the generated combustilble gas is completely burned in spiral flow smelling
furnace by combustion heat, and generated heat melts the ash, discharges it in the slag status and is used for recycling,
which is eco-friendly technology.
process: Carry-in→incinerator→Waste heating boiler
process: Carry-in→Crush&Selection→Dehydrator
→Dryer→Fermentation→Vibration Selecter
This is a small incineratior which heats waste in sealed vacuum furnace, generates combustible gas with pyrolysis,
burns it completely, and produces steam, which can be operated and managed with small manpower.
process: Carry-in→Pyrolysis Room→Gas Combustion
Room→Waste heating boiler→DR→BF→Stack
process: Carry-in→Pyrolysis Room→Combustion
Room→Waste heating boiler→SDR→
Waste passes through selection, dryness, compression, plastic process and produces refuse derived fuel(RDF),
which is a waste treatment equipment.
process: Carry-in→Weste Crush
→Magnetic Selection
→Particle Selection
→Combustible substance crush
→Dryness→Windpower Selection
→Nonferrous Selection
→Metal Selection→Molding
Eco-friendly landfill method to block rain, fugitive dust and bad smell.
We construct sustainable environmental facilities with
creative thinking and differented technology.
Gravity setting dust collector
Cyclone dust collector
Fabric dust collector
Catalyst tower
We construct incinerators easily to operate by grafting them with
eco-friendly cutting-edge people oriented technology.
Hospital waste incinerator
Domestic waste incinerator