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Since its establishment in 1996, Wooju Envitech Inc. has made a tireless
effort to build a resource recycling society as a specialized company of
the operation and management of incineration plants based on abundant
on-site experience and expertise.

Wooju Envitech Inc. is a company carrying out the engineering, construction,
operation and consultation of all kinds of pollution-preventive facilities.
In addition to the management of preventive facilities, we had shown our
ability to facilitate the diversion of materials and energy from wastes
such as Bio-Mass, as well as engineering, developing and implementing
small steam turbine generators. All of our staffs, totaling more than 300
shall abide by the green industrial policy of the goverment of Korea,
and do our utmost effort to prevent pollution of the environment and to
preserve a cleaner and greener environment for the future.

We will always hold customer satisfaction as our top priority, promote
relentless R&D to maintain cutting edge technology, and will become a
leader of cleaner and greener environment.